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Casa de los Artesanos has five rooms with diverse configurations. Each one of them are decorated like a traditional southern home.

The beds were built using recycled native wood conditioned for use very comfortable.

Main features and configurations are:

There aren't maid or room service

* Television on the common room

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Common Rooms

Among the rooms, the B&B has common rooms for the use of passangers who would like to enjoy a different, quiet, cozy and more participatory evening.

Common rooms are:

At the fireplace kitchen we can make different styles of traditional barbecues like Asado Criollo (Parados Patagon Style) , Asado al Palo (Roast in a Stick), Plancha (Iron Grill), Parrilla (Grill), Hornos de Barro (Adobe-Clay Ovens), among others.

The use of this sector includes music, tableware, etc.

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Artisans' Workshop

Besides the latter, it's possible to share with the artisans on their own workshop and make your own crafts in wool, wood and other local materials.

They believe integration between a quiet and cozy place is important. If a passenger wants it, he could know more about the idiosyncracy of the Patagonian Aysenine through stories and recollections written by Claudio-Max who will share them to you from his long years in the Patagonia.

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Casa de los Artesanos Bed & Breakfast

Bernardo O'Higgins #820 Aysén, Patagonia Chile

(+56 9) 6274 6459 - (+56 9) 9802 1744


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