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The Artisans

Marta Gallardo Almonacid

Chilean born in a place called "El Calafate" in Argentine, while her parents worked at some inns that limits with Chile.

At the age of one she arrives to Coyhaique were she's given the Chilean nationality.

As a little child she shows her skills in all kind of crafts standing out in her knitting and the creation of retablos (reredos)

Years go by and she rediscovers her abilities which places over all of her works. Knits, looms, souvenirs and a lot of other things you'll be able to see created by her hand.

Claudio-Max Rosso

Chilean born in Santiago comes all by himself for some days to the Patagonia at the age of 18. Cautivated by it's magic he decides no to return to the capital and starts a long road towards his own personal development. Tropero (Stockman) , small farmer, entrepreneur from some of his initial jobs, keeps rooting him to a land that he supports and loves with great passion.

Claudio-Max finally decides to publish his book Chilean Aysén, Patagonia Stories and Recollections. Simultaneously he edits the english version being at the moment on many places around Chile and the World thanks to foreign visitors who wanted to know more about my precious Patagonian Aysén.

Casa de los Artesanos besides offering a comfortable and cozy place to stay, has also for it's visitors and passengers various products made with the same love and care.

Our products are made using local raw materials. Jams made of regional fruits, decorations and souvenirs with raw wool stained naturally. Also tools and machines for the process of making yarn and knit.

To have fun and enjoy your holiday break or to take it as a reminder to friends and family, this crafts are a part of our artisan' tradition and we hope you be delighted with them just as we do.


Our jams are made preferably with regional fruits.
Our mixed flavours are made with a base of our regional apples.

Natural Flavours

Blueberry, Rhubarb, Gooseberry, Rosehip, Raspberry, Strawberry, Plum, Cranberry and Apple Puree (Dulce de Manzana)

Mixed Flavours

Strawberry/Cranberry, Orange/Apple, Pear/Apple and Kiwi/Apple


White Raspberry

Prickly Gooseberry



Stand Detail




Key Holders



Different sized looms

Room handmade signs


Hats, collars, berets and mittens.

Gauchos y gauchas (Cowboys)


Wooden boxes in decoupage


Disclaimer: Unfortunately and due to restrictions by the Agricultural and Livestock Service of Chile (Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero de Chile - SAG) it's impossible to get out of the country products made with wood.

The rest of the products available have no such restriction.

Tools and Machines for Wool

Pedal Distaff

Untangling wool machine (Escarmenadora)

Electric Windrow

Embrodery frames and tools for knitting and yarning

Casa de los Artesanos Bed & Breakfast

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