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The Book

Chilean Aysén Patagonia: Stories and Recolections

To the traveler:

Let me help you discover in the few hours or days that you are spending in Aysén what we, "aiseninos patagones", are continuously discovering since time immemorial.

Let me show you the magic of nature among trees so big, “tenios”, “lengas”, winter’s bark, lumas (myrteceous tree), cypresses, all growing towards the sky trying to steal space from the stars. Let me also show you the most impressive arrayán (myrtle) that, extending its hundreds of reddish arms, stirs the imagination in the most beautiful fairy tale you ever heard in your childhood...

Claudio-Max Rosso Heydel


My narrations are based on real facts, experiences or stories I've heard. Long days of riding, "Conversas (Small Talk) by the kitchen fire or in hundred of miles, sailing among the channels and fiordos of Aysén. Anyone who has felt identified by them, its only because we had luck on a moment, being in sorrow or joy, to share minutes of our lives...

I had the wish to gather, collect what was written during a long time on small pieces of paper or notebooks, and leave a trail of how much time I've lived and felt all these years on this Aysenine lands.

For those many, who didn't make it first here, who became forgers at times, with our jobs, pains and sacrifice, beiung in commerce, the first industries or some work, sharing something for the growth of our beloved Our Patagonia

I decided at last, with more sentiment than knowledge, without ambitions, to leave these little memories, of what have been and will be forever the only one great palace of my existence.


In every proyect you decide to embark, it's required one way or another to trust and hold on to other people, to be able to succeed fully. I take this space to thank two great colaborators.

Cristian Bustamante Barrientos, Professional Graphic Designer, born and raised in Aysén. His work on the book is reflected in some way by his "Artistic Movement" being able to highlight the most important elements of some of the tales, using thick strokes and multiple colors, a technique often used in Chilean Murals during past times that remain till our days.

Doris Byrt, English Teacher, for her works as translator of this beautiful and dear book. Not a simple task considering that there's a lot of native slang among the region that has not a direct translation to english.

About the Book.

In these stories and memories Claudio-Max delivers episodes of what have marked him while travelling through this lands, doing jobs and the most diverse tasks, mixed all of them with legends and myths taken from fishermen, stockmen, peasants from whom as he says had the luck to share.

The Pincoya, The Chant of the Chucao and its Omen, wizards even aliens, appear on its pages. Some stories not exempt of tenderness show clearly his sensitivity towards empathy just as children does. Tales that always include his most loyal friends, horses and dogs. (A brief part of the prologue, from the writer Ricardo Altamirano).

With all of this he accmplishes his purpose of showing the most pure idiosyncracy of those who have been colonizing these lands of the "Aysenine Patagonia"

His book in spanish, plus the english edition, are close to 1500 copies sold, spread across the most diverse countries in the world allowing them to know this land and their people, whom he loves with great passion.

Profesor Ricardo Altamirano

Ricardo Altamirano

How to get a copy?

The best way is getting in touch with the artisans using our contact form, email to: casadelosartesanos@gmail.com or using the phone numbers listed below.

Also you can find it online through "Feria del Libro", following this link: Feria del Libro, or visiting the workshops located in the city of Aysén. If you ask personally it will come signed by Claudio-Max.

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